Our Vision

Your Bright Future is Our Mission

LRC is a progressive Provider where everyone has the opportunity to grow, achieve and improve their life chances through education, training and community-based activities.

Our Mission Statement

  • Raising skills and attainment 
  • Delivering excellence 
  • To inspire people from all ages, communities and backgrounds to achieve their potential 
  • Working in partnership with employers to upskill workforce to meet local and other regions key objectives.

Our Values

  • Care and Compassionate Support for all learners, especially those who could be vulnerable, marginalised or requiring support 
  • Quality Service for all that contact, enquire, enter or become a learners at LRC 
  • Listen and respond empathetically to every learner or individual 
  • Generosity in allowing people another chance 
  • Respect for all: valuing each person, their experience, opinions and choices

Our Principles are

  • Integrity – expressed in honesty and reliability, transparency, accountability and trustworthiness 
  •  Inclusiveness – welcoming people from all backgrounds, treating them fairly, recognising and valuing their distinctiveness as individuals  
  • Empowerment – creating an environment which enables people to take control of their learning, skills and life chances, by listening to them and offering choice wherever possible  
  • Equality – in the delivery of education and training to our learners and employed staff; recognising and valuing the diversity of the communities we serve 
  • Collaboration – through our enthusiasm and commitment for working in partnership with others

What we strive to do

  • Our Context: Be inclusive in all arears 
  • Be understanding, compassionate, inviting and accommodating 
  • Be transparent and accountable 
  • Be responsible for upskilling learners at every stage 
  • Be more effective in communication, both internal and external
  •  Be more creative, stronger and bolder in marketing 
  • Be more effective and use all resources available to achieve the challenges and goals within LRC
  • Be the best and demonstrate high quality in all aspects of operation, administration and quality  
  • Be effective team players through operating an open space office to enable sharing of good practice  
  • Be professional at all times

Our challenge over the next five years

  • Government legislation and funding changes 
  • Audit, compliance and delivering excellence at inspection that reflect the quality of learning, leadership and operation 
  • Uncertainty over Brexit and the impact that this may have on funding, learner numbers and skills training within the region and beyond 
  • Staffing with the level of skills, experience and knowledge to ensure LRC meets and exceeds all standards and performance indicators
  •  To ensure we meet all standards in relation to safeguarding, child protection, prevent, e-safety and meeting the needs of vulnerable adults 
  • The environment, resources and equipment are of a standard to meet learner, administrative and staff team 
  • To ensure we are fully compliant in relation to data protection

Strategic Aims

  • To be a centre of excellence in education and training at all levels 
  • To assist in the learners driving their economic growth by supporting learners to higher education  
  • To be innovative in working with individuals and groups that require additional opportunities and chances through offering teaching, learning, skills and a curriculum that is delivered to a high quality and standard  
  • To recruit, retain, develop and reward the best staff who will take LRC forward 
  • To be future proofed, responsible and accountable Provider, financially viable with reserves that can be used to invest in growth that builds greater sustainability 
  • LRC to be a centre that people, industry and community groups feel able to refer individuals and groups to through demonstrating and achieving excellence in advice and guidance.