About Us

Your Bright Future is Our Mission

We are a London based training provider specialising in delivering high quality employability and vocational learning programmes. Our clients include voluntary organisations, government agencies and individuals. Our vision and mission are to help you to achieve further qualifications, whether you are looking to learn English, complete your first vocational qualification or support your progression to higher education, we will support you all the way.
We have a full understanding of the funding mechanisms that are available to support your progression and where possible support you to access it. We have supported learners to become leaders of industry, work in Government departments and start their own companies, we have knowledge of those universities that can support your required course and build you a concrete future.

Mission & Vision

We always want to be seen as an organisation that is approachable, friendly empathetic, supportive and accessible. We make sure our students trust us and always provide proper and perfect information. Delivering a complete service with professionalism is our goal. We make sure the needs of our students are fulfilled and we provide them efficiently and effectively. Reliability, honesty and consistency is what we focus that helps our customers build confidence on our service
We create value for everyone through shared services, delivering admission services that help you to make informed decisions, for the right reasons to get the right results. All of our information is impartial and we support you with the information to make the right choice.
LRC looks to make a long term partnership with you to support all the levels of education you need to achieve to make a three to five year development plan to help you achieve your final goal.