London RIBID College

We are a London based training provider specialised in delivering high quality employability and work-based learning programmes. Our clients include voluntary organisations, government agencies and individuals.

Why Choose Us

Quality Of Education

A coherent and well-designed curriculum with very effective support processes that give learners, particularly the most disadvantaged, the opportunity to participate in education and training where they can gain the knowledge and confidence to be successful.

Behaviour and Attitudes

Learners and apprentices enjoy their studies and training. Learners are well behaved and motivated.
Attendance for the majority of adult learners is outstanding. Information, advice, guidance, and support is very effective.

Personal Development

Learners are able to effectively utilise the skills and knowledge gained, enabling them to develop and discover their interests and talents. Learners acknowledge improved confidence in their work or job seeking.

Leadership and Management

The establishment of high ambitions for the business, the embedding of Values for the whole community and the creation of an organisational culture that is open, inclusive, and committed to improving the provision.

Successful Aspirants

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