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    Entry Level - ESOL, Literacy or Numeracy at Entry 1, 2 or 3Level 4 - RQF/HNC/QCF Level 4 Award, Certificate or Diploma or Certificates of Higher EducationOther qualifications below level 1Level 5 - RQF/HND/QCF Level 5 Award, Certificate or Diploma or a Foundation DegreeLevel 1 - NVQ/SVQ Level-1 or any level 1 Vocational awards GCSE or O-Level grade D-G, CSE below Grade 1 – 1 AS level, Scottish Access 1-2, Foundation GNVQLevel 6 - RQF/QCF Level 6 Award, Certificate or Diploma/Bachelor’s Degree / Graduate Certificate and DiplomaFull Level 2 - NVQ/SVQ Level-2 or any vocational certificate at level 2 GCSEs or O Levels grades A-C, Scottish intermediate 2 Intermediate GNVQ, BTEC first certificateLevel 7 and above - RQF/QCF Level 7 or 8 Award, Certificate or Diploma/Master’s Degree / Postgraduate Certificate and DiplomaFull Level 3 - SVQ / NVQ level 3 or any Level 3 vocational awards, IVQ Advanced Diploma, A-Level, vocational A-Levels, BTEC National certificate / diplomaOther qualifications including overseas non-UK qualificationNo qualifications

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